Monday, May 10, 2010

Classy and Woodsy stuff

Here is what I think I want the ringbearer to carry the rings in, a little handcarved wooden box!

Also, Russell and I plan to try this place and the next for possible caterers:

Catering By Design

Or sontes...

Also, for honeymoon, we are hoping to convince my in-laws-to-be that Greece is safe enough, especially the islands.

Sunday, May 9, 2010


picked and bought bridesmaids dresses! Mother will fit them TO the girls when there's time!!

And the best part is they only cost $22 bucks!!

That leaves money within budget to still get cute little boleros or shrugs or something.

Plus, nice BLING!!

Thursday, May 6, 2010

It's for real now folks...

So planning (as I was quite sure of) wasn't in vain! Russell asked me to marry him this may day 2010! I am really happier than I can express in words. So I'll just post pictures of the ring. :)

I know it's lo-quality and the same as my BB upload to facebook, but oh well. I really love the momentousness of when this photo was taken.

On to the planning stuff that's not so braggy. I got the hold on the art center reception area so that is en mode to GO and win

I wrote to all my bridesmaids and hopefully made it clear: NO MALE STRIPPERS. Or any strippers period! they are funny, but not classy. I want to drink and have fun with my girls a few nights before the wedding as the last big blowout with my girls as a 'single' woman, but I respect Russ for refusing them even as a stereotypical expectation, and I love him so much that I refuse to do anything but the same. When I decided to love him, I decided not to even participate in the grunginess that is any other man, especially 'private dancers'. Haha I will admit the thought is funny, but always at someone else's sake. and I do NOT want to be the entertainment in that sense.

Ok, rant over. Now, some pictures of fun stuff to lighten the mood.

LOVE LOVE LOVE these 'poms' by My Silly Bear on etsy

Shoe Gems "Something blue" by FairyTaleEvents

all found on etsy. too lazy to link them right now.