Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Bridal Shower...I'm terrible at surprises

I so do love surprises.

However, I still manage to find out all the little details just-so-I-know... Oh well. There's bound to be surprises (especially during the Bachelorette party) that I would never anticipate happening.

So here's the best detail I figured out about the Bridal Shower.

Krissypoo Bakes4U Bakery (name pending) is catering the Cake (CUPCAKES)

Mexican Hot Chocolate
And either Vanilla Honey Lavender OR Vanilla Chai of some sort?

Here's some of Her AMAZING work. Can you believe she doesn't have a shop?

It will be in a private room for brunch at a nicer restaurant (I know the name but I don't want my blog readers to come find me, I love you all but there just isn't room)

Also, for the reception we are thinking to code tables rather than by "table 6" or what have you, as species of trees (yay!) or something. I like the botanical/scientific drawing style and they will be in frames at the tables. sort of images like these:

And finally, I think if I can I will have the string quartet play this song after our vows or something: (it's the song that plays at the end of Pride and Prejudice as Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy walk toward eachother in recognition at the end! eeeeee happy!)


  1. The Marg cupcake is amazingly delish.

    Wonderful music choice!

  2. Oh yes there WILL be surprises. hehe ;P