Wednesday, April 7, 2010

3 Keys

(1) Brown Twigs & Green Stuff (preferably alive)

(2) Fat Birdies

(3) Vintage and Victorian

These are the MAIN ideas that I hope to make a point of sticking to so that the entire event doesn't become like my closet or bedroom floor-

-a mix of many good tastes that end up just looking like a hot mess.

Examples for today of ideas 1,2, and 3:

(this will be an easy and recurring theme for future posts, BTW.)


Just found these two on Google--Perfect for me! I prefer the Mossy-ness of the second and the twiggy-ness of the first :P

Additionally, people will be able to see through them to chat at the reception, yet maintaining a feel of romance and privacy, which is ideal for guests of all ages.

(2) CAKE TOPPERS (fatty wittle love birds)

Asked the man if he'd wear this...I got a "no" type answer, which I usually don't get from him, but I want this event to be HIS day too. He's very traditional about formal and momentous occasions. I think he may be convinced to have SOME twiggys in his boutonnière amongst the flowers though. SOME.

(3) Vintage AND Victorian-esque

A necklace, maybe for the bridesmaids?

And a lovely BIRD-cage veil. Haha, punny. My father would be proud, if he knew what a bird-cage veil was. I think I would attach (for the ceremony) a long sheer veil to cover the back of my head, which I would not wear for the reception. However, this cute little guy could be folded back and worn all night as a fabulous hair-accessory!

Long post, but good.

Be inspired!


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  1. Twiggy large holders with twigs and twines