Saturday, April 10, 2010

Bridesmaids...But they're my friends!

The hardest thing for me is deciding what will affect the OTHER people involved with my wedding, (i.e. the groom, the groomsmen, parents, etc).

Specifically, my closest girlfriends who are all rather particular about clothes and I do NOT want to force them to buy something they will never wear again. Which seems inevitable.

So, here's the choices:

-Hand them all a paint strip and say: "Pick any knee/tea length dress from this color scheme"
PROS: They can find a dress in their budget and to their tastes.
CONS: Motley Crew for bridesmaids, unkempt photos.

-Register somewhere like David's Bridal, where there is ONE specific color and many styles.
CONS: Cookie-cutter bridesmaids that spent too much on semi-formal dresses that would never pass for anything other than a wedding-party dress.

Pick ONE color and ONE style at a bridal shop, and stick to my guns.
PROS: No wishy-washy business of evaluating the individual girl's picks of dresses by phone, email, etc.
CONS: Have to pick a color and style that I am completely sure will suit all for body shape, price, future wear, and flattering colors, etc etc etc

For the last option, I came up with this so far:
The dark color makes it very re-wearable.

Strapless though, could be a little sloppy after a few glasses of champagne....

So maybe, add spaghetti straps? or choose something like this....the bubble may be a little too trendy though.

Opinions, please!


  1. Brown strapless number with straps added. Not too short on the skirt (for dancing) Brown keeps you the star. Depending on the green it competes for attention but then again green makes for nicer group photos than brown does. Are the men wearing brown tuxes? If so go with a deeper green dress. ?? Just thoughts. Or you could ask the girls to vote--only on color not on styles.

  2. top one for sure. i'm thinking the bubble is too trendy for a wedding, like you said

  3. I like the top one.

    I know what I like in clothes but it's not about us Jen it's about you and Russ and what you guys want. If you want me dressed in a clown suit I'll do it :D haha, well maybe not since they freak the crap out of me... I'll just stay away from mirrors then.

    I've always liked weddings where the bridesmaid dresses have been the same color, but different styles (but around the same length, it just looks weird to have one wearing a long gown and the other wearing a short dress). It's up to you and what you want on your wedding day.