Wednesday, April 7, 2010

A million other things on my plate, but...

I decided today that I would premeditatedly begin planning my dream wedding to my dream man (already obtained, thank you!). I do this to escape the interesting monotony of studying to become an engineer and working for my major's University department.

Also, I think my mother will appreciate my foresight, and it will prevent her from planning prematurely for wedding ideas I distinctly disprove of (She has great taste, it's just not MY taste). To many of my reader's dismay, I am actually rather friendly with my mum, and enjoy her I will relate to her occasionally.

If you dislike mother/daughter intimacy and happiness, this is NOT the blog for you.
If you like fantastic and creative shabby chic and naturalistic wedding ideas, this IS the blog for you.

For the first entry, I'd like to mention that future links, photos, etc will be very focused around, the unique crafter's (and shoppers!) paradise for all things One Of A Kind.

And it is very important to me that my day be OOAK.

And affordable...So I will probably *vow* to make a lot of the things i discover myself based on the ideas of other more creative individuals.

*Note: I probably will never actually get to making half the things I like, and so my mother and/or her crafty friends will be left in charge.

Coming soon: actual photos of my *3 Key Concepts* for my big day!

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  1. As the Mom, I say go for it and yes you have great taste. And yes, I will definitely help on the crafty parts. Love to.