Saturday, April 24, 2010

Bridesmaid ideas continued...

To add a wedding-y touch that they can remove later from the dresses for later wear and their own purposes-- a little floral belt/sash? Adorable! an example below, also from gardensofwhimsy on etsy.

Here's how it looks...BTW which is better, the olive or clover colored dresses? I'm leaning toward the style and color of the one on the far left below:


  1. I like the olive over clover green. Olive looks more sophisticated so they can use it again?? Colver looks more kelly-green and young-ish??

  2. Green ribbon and green flower maybe better than white as white draws the eye right to the waist and some of the girls may not like that as well as if it blended in better with the dress?

  3. pretty green earrings

  4. I like the olive green and brown colors, they're very classy. I saw this, it looks like the brown dress in one your "Bridesmaids... but they're my friends" post.

    Have you looked for a wedding dress yet (Me asking knowing that the answer is already a 'yes')? Just curious what you're thinking about for your dress :D